Roti Canai Karmen: A Culinary Paradise with Irresistible Flavors

Roti Canai Karmen: A Culinary Paradise with Irresistible Flavors

PRABANGKARANEWS.COM || Jalan Karang Menjangan, yang juga dikenal sebagai “Karmen,” is a culinary paradise that is worth trying because many food and beverage vendors are open every day, including Roti Canai Karmen.

The stall of Roti Canai Karmen is located in front of the multipurpose building of the local neighborhood association.

They offer around 20 different flavors of roti canai, including cheese milk, cheese egg, tiramisu, blueberry, and strawberry.

What makes it unique is that the wide folded flatbread is also available in savory variations, such as sardines and bird’s nest or roti canai with scrambled eggs.

The difference with the savory roti canai is that it comes with curry sauce as a complement, adding to the enjoyment of the snack.

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The prices they set are considered cheap, starting from Rp5,000 up to Rp10,000 for the mixed flavor combinations.

The owner of Roti Canai Karmen, Dewi Agustiningrum, said that the culinary business is a legacy from her late husband, Hariyanto. It was first opened in 2013.

At that time, the late Hariyanto had just returned from Malaysia with the experience of making roti canai dough. Now, Dewi continues the culinary business, while the operation is run by Hariyanto’s nephew, Novi Hermanto, Quoted from Antara News, Kanis (25/5/2023).

“My late husband worked in Malaysia for 15 years, making 60 kilograms of dough there. It would be a shame not to continue his expertise when he returned to Surabaya,” said Dewi to ANTARA on Wednesday.

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The roti canai they sell has a soft and crispy texture. They are also served warm because they are freshly cooked when there are customer orders.

As a result, these snacks have become highly sought after by the public. Due to their popularity, Dewi is able to use 10 kilograms of dough per day to make 200 portions of roti canai.

“We start at 3:30 PM. Technically, we close at 9 PM, but everything is usually sold out by 7 PM. We are open from Monday to Sunday, except for Saturdays when we are closed,” she said.

Enjoying roti canai is even more complete when accompanied by Teh Tarik, which is the specialty drink of the stall. It is priced at Rp5,000 per glass and Rp4,000 without ice cubes

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